Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Medical Rape

It CAN and DOES happen.  As in a forced vaccine to an adult who already said NO!

It happened to Jacob...

Jacob Sellers
17 hrs
I went to the ER last week and was told I had to get a tetanus shot for my burn injuries. I immediately refused but they then said I had no choice because I was in the ER and that gives permission for them to treat me however or along those lines. I then told them I didnt want it again. Before I knew it they jabbed me with the poison and I had a painful itchy lump on my arm for a solid week. Is there anything I can eat drink or do to make any possible negative effects less likely?

Always hold the hospitals responsible.  Beware of what is signed and omit and edit what is needed to be edited. Always and I mean ALWAYS have someone with you to intervene, even if stopping an assault physically.

This is why did edit my hippa. Sara Verner
"Hospital will be held responsible"

God forbid should any of us ever need to go to the hospital in an emergency!


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