Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dr Gentempo's Important Message for Vaccines Revealed Affiliates

The fascists are trying to suppress Vaccines Revealed. No surprise there.


One of the reasons we wrestled with whether to let people register in advance is that it give the opposition time to plan to block our site.

When Jeff Hays launched the movie "Bought" there was enough of a backlash building up that he didn't let people know about the Bought free viewing until the day it went live.

On Vaccines Revealed, we announced a few weeks early... and sure enough, our server was completely slammed, BEFORE we even sent the viewing link out.


Our web host was stumped. We've moved to an emergency site, and are setting up a new host for tomorrow.

We're planning business as usual, and will do whatever it takes to bring this important Vaccines Revealed message to you every day.

Episode one will stay up day tomorrow - and your link for episode 2 will go out as planned. We will NOT be stopped!

Thank you for banding together with us in support of this critical message and crucial mission.

Check out this quick video I shot about today's unprecedented events...

We're seeing denial of service attacks on our site, working on it with our tech team now!

We've had a hero swoop in and get episode one up for you on an alternative viewing site so you don't miss this critical episode one. We should be back to our regular site tomorrow.

In the mean time enjoy the opening of Vaccines Revealed.

Here's your link.

The bad guys aren't gonna win!!


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