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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Florida Lawmaker Launches Vaccine War With Trump

Florida Lawmaker Launches Vaccine War With Trump

Last job: Senior pharmaceutical sales representative, GlaxoSmithKline
Legislative specialty: Foreign affairs, civil rights, human rights and healthcare

Her “human rights” label might be a bit misleading, considering stripping parents of their parental rights is pretty anti-human rights. Wilson would likely do anything to push Trump out of the way at this point, however, she will operate under the guise of “social issues.” Trump is a “racist” and “mysoginist.” But the reality is, he’s in the way of her ultimate agenda to force vaccinate kids. She’s a crony for Pharma. She probably stands to make a lot of bribe cash.

ANOTHER Bought and Paid for pHARMa shill like Dickhead Pan!
Could it be any more fucking obvious?!

So now... do all you know why we promoted the VaccinesRevealed Series so hard the past two weeks?

And how much we enjoyed promoting the series?  Our future generations is why!

THIS is why we do what we do!

And ESPECIALLY affiliate registrations for VaccinesRevealed, as well, because we need more people sharing this docu-series and many others like it.  And while we do get rewarded for our time, the super reward is  the thousands of lives we save in the process. The Truth About Cancer (TTAC) will be launching their event in April called The Truth About Vaccines.

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