Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kissy's: Charcoal

Kissy's: Charcoal: Published on 19 Apr 2016 This is Charcoal tonight. Big difference from the brink of death! JOY JUICE!  ~Kissy    Charcoal's human mom calls Liquid Chlorophyll Joy Juice....


So my baby girl wants to get into all health, affiliate, arts, music and blogging action too.  Since she needed help setting it up, she had to make me a co-author/admin to help get the widgets, help with posting, etc...

She uses a smartphone for internet instead of a computer, so bear with her.

She'll probably mostly blog about her fantastic professional chef hubby and about all of her cat antics. Her nickname is obviously Kissy Kiss!

So if all of y'all could follow her blog, we'd so appreciate it.

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