Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Monday, January 2, 2017

Repost: HUGE NEWS: the latest billboard

Repost: HUGE NEWS: the latest billboard is a dream come true for a heartbroken family. The board honors baby Reid Engelhart, who lost his life to vaccines, in his hometown of Baton Rouge. It was his mother's dream to honor his life this way and hopefully save other babies the same fate.

"The doctor NEVER told me VACCINES could KILL my baby."

A huge heartfelt thanks to all who donated to help make baby Reid's billboard a reality -- it was a dream come true for his mother. We are continuing to raise money to keep the board up and running and to bring it to other areas of the country in hopes that less families will have to suffer the same unimaginable heartbreak.

We also launched a Sudden Infant Death info page on the website in Reid's honor. Learn more about SIDs here:

We are taking donations to bring this billboard to other cities in the US and spread even more awareness. #betheCHANGE #LearnTheRisk

To donate, go here:

To read baby Reid's story, go here:

Don't forget to like our Facebook page, check out the website, follow us on Twitter (@learntherisk) and join our FB group if you have questions: Learn The Risk


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