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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Daily Messenger: Only US President to actually keep his campaign pr...

The Daily Messenger: Only US President to actually keep his campaign promises, The Great man, Donald Trump...: What an amazing week of accomplishments! Fixing problems, creating REAL JOBS NOT JUST WAITERS AND BARTENDERS LIKE UNDER THE NEGRO, and stop...


"God Bless our President. 

First time in my life I ever felt that way or prayed for his safety. He's the JFK of our time."

Same here.  I remember at age 6 years, when JFK was murdered, and how sad I felt about it. Even as a little girl, I felt that sadness and grief over someone I never knew in person.  And even more, in the 90's I had always liked him (Donald Trump).  Dunno why, but always had. Was discussing this with one of my sisters, and also about dreams I had about him, talking to him about the vaccine issues and other stuff on my mind.

"I hope he reads this or gets this advice FROM SOMEONE, because the media is openly calling for someone, anyone, to kill him. Another first in US history. These satanic shits need to be dealt with, as they are screaming the same at the best president since Jack Kennedy."

Our prayers are with him too. My hubby has Twitter (yeah, he knows it's CIA owned, but he uses it for his biz, etc...),  BUT... President Trump was tweeted YOUR blog post link @realDonaldTrump and also giving him our blessings and prayers. So perhaps he shall see the post, after all.

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