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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Q & A Recording TONIGHT!

Did you miss the LIVE Q&A tonight?

You may have heard of the email issues we experienced in trying to get the links out.

Our email service provider had some “server delays” that obviously caused a hiccup in getting your Q&A link out when we’d hoped. We're very sorry about that.

We have no reason to think it was malicious but it was unfortunate.

Good news though!

The Q&A was recorded and it’s posted on the page now. CLICK HERE to head over and give it a watch.

To say the least, it was astounding! - We are overwhelmed by your support, loyalty and encouragement. “Thank You” just doesn’t seem to cover it. We are beyond grateful for you.

We heard you - as you watched each episode, you came up with questions. Some of them were answered in other episodes, but some remained unanswered. It was a privilege to cover those with you tonight on our live broadcast.

The information and interaction that took place on the broadcast is crucial.

It is your ability to use this information and share it with your loved ones, family, and friends that helps move the mission forward; so we are posting the recording right away.

So catch it before it’s gone!

(For those of you that have chosen the gold package - this is one of your bonuses, and will automatically be sent to you with your program.)


Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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