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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vaccines Revealed: IMPORTANT - Episode 9 extended - still up

Hi ,

We heard you.

So many of you have written in worried about missing the final episode - episode 9. The episode that brings everything together.

Well, We’re keeping it up one more day! - So, you have a few more hours to catch that important episode information.

So, CLICK HERE NOW to watch Episode 9.

And learn powerful ways to move forward with your health after the damaging effects of vaccines.

Now, this is significant:

For those of you that have chosen to support the Vaccines Revealed Cause - here's’ some exciting news!

We just scheduled a live Q & A with Dr. Patrick Gentempo, and we’re including the recording of that live Q & A in your program!

There’s nothing to do, we’ll just include it when we deliver your package - (Silver or Gold)

If you’re still considering supporting Vaccines Revealed in our Mission,


The final episode is here, we’re ready to end the broadcast. So you have a short window of opportunity to own Vaccines Revealed and the incredible Q & A bonus episode!

And, you’re still able to get the 50% discount while the series is still live. So, to get all the episodes to own permanently and all of the incredible bonuses, click here:

NOW, how many lives could you save by having this information to share with family and loved ones?

How many parents are agonizing over the choice of whether or not to vaccinate their children - that you can empower with this information in your library?

How many parents are there that have decided not to vaccinate their children that are bullied by their doctor or emergency room staff - that you can help support in their courageous decision?


Dr. Patrick Gentempo

P.S. What are we hearing?

You guys are heroes and I am so blessed to have your work as a reference moving forward with my family planning. I have been falling down the dark rabbit hole for years now, researching vaccines as I am a health coach and early childhood educator. It has been impossible to discuss this subject with my husband and many family members. Your work may be the key to our future family.

Anastasia P.

Regardless of personal views on this topic, the overriding concern is the pressure on individuals to universally comply to vaccination regulations, regardless of vulnerability and preferences. What is at stake now, in this historical time, is the right we have to choose, where we can, what our bodies are exposed to. This extended documentary explicitly uncovers what is at stake for us all if our collective voice is stifled and ignored.

Colleen S.

I'm sure you are receiving lots of emails on your series, but I just wanted to add one more THANK YOU! I have two little boys, 4 and 1 and they are not vaccinated. I was unsure if I would keep them this way forever, but after watching your series, there is no way I will ever allow them to be vaccinated. I am so glad I have listened to my inner Mom voice and not my Mom's voice and have kept my boys healthy. My boys are healthier than all their friends and family members and when they do get sick, they are sick for much less time than their vaccinated friends. I feel so terrible for the families ripped apart by vaccine injuries and and thankful there are brave people out there like you and your guests who are helping to spread the word about something not many people want to hear but need to.

Valerie M.


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