Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Diabetes Summit 2017 Day 6

Day Six: Let's get real!

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Hello friends!

It's heart-warming to wake up each morning to read about how The Diabetes Summit is changing so many of your lives. People are raving about the incredible information that's already been shared, and there is still more to come.

Many wonderful comments on each speaker's page!

Today is all about getting practical and real. We kick off the day with Type 1 diabetes advocate and coach, Daniele Hargenrader, sharing her strategies for optimal blood sugar control.  Then, we'll hear from Jonathan Bailor, well-respected naturopathic doctor, Michael Murray, and we finish with Jay Wortman, MD, sharing the story of how he reversed his own type 2 diabetes.

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Daniele Hargenrader
The step-by-step approach to solving difficult blood sugar problems
  • Daniele's story of growing up with Type 1 Diabetes
  • The Dominator Method that she uses with private clients
  • Key factors to preventing complications from diabetes
Jonathan Bailor
What I learned from Superman: Valuable lessons about type 2 diabetes
  • Why the calorie approach to weight loss is a myth
  • The real secrets to optimizing metabolism and blood sugar
  • The SANE approach to metabolic weight loss
Dr. Michael T Murray
The four types of blood sugar problems in diabetes
  • Understanding a natural medicine approach to diabetes
  • Dr. Murray's four types of blood sugar problems
  • Natural strategies to address the specific blood sugar issues
Dr. Jay Wortman
How a practicing clinician was able to reverse his type 2 diabetes
  • Dr. Wortman shares his type 2 diabetes story and results
  • The keys to addressing metabolic dysfunction
  • What most people don't understand about diabetes


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