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Friday, March 10, 2017

Vaccines Revealed Waitlist And Bonus Content

VACCINES REVEALED - the 9-part docu-series free event that rocked social media - has shipped its orders and people are now receiving the series package that they purchased.

Vaccines Revealed has been sharing bonus content over the last month with those who signed up to watch. If you have not registered, you can do so right now by clicking this link --- --- and you will be put on their waitlist for future events AND receive the bonus material as they send it out. How great is that?!!!

From Patrick Gentempo...


The 9:04 pm message that kept me up all night

Hi _______!

It started like this…

“Dr. Gentempo; I have two adorable grandchildren 1 and 3 years old. Their parents feel guilty for already vaccinating them, and are wondering what they can do now… after the fact?”

My heart sank. And then I got angry.

How many more times are parents going to have to feel guilty for doing “what the doctor ordered”? The most devastating feeling in the world is to watch your children hurt - to see them in pain - to have to witness their suffering.

Look, we live in a world where there are far too many people who believe vaccines are perfectly safe. That injecting detergents, foreign DNA, live and mutated viruses, mercury and aluminum is totally harmless.

It’s these same people that seem to think that natural medicine (which has been around since the beginning of time) and the bodies ability to heal itself is bunk.

This is the reason I choose to do what I do - why we created Vaccines Revealed.

Look, vaccines are inflammatory - they are meant to be inflammatory and cause a response in the body. - That’s how they work.

Let me explain: One of the primary ingredients in vaccines is an “adjuvant”. An adjuvant is a substance whose role is to enhance the body’s immune response. This immune response is hard on the body and causes inflammation.

The next problem we face is that the thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum used as preservatives and adjuvants are toxic and accumulate in the body.

So - If you have a child who has been vaccinated, suffered an adverse reaction, has a chronic health condition, or if you want to prevent one that could occur in the future as a result of being vaccinated in the past …

The very best medicine is prevention - and next best is to decrease or stop the cumulative effects of the toxins on their bodies.

You may want to consider taking steps to detox. Accumulated toxins contribute to health conditions and that’s why we address the burden vaccines placed on your child and the toxins stored in their body as a result.

It’s really quite simple: In natural medicine, “dis-ease” has one of two underlying causes: toxicity and nutritional deficiency. Detoxing attempts to restore balance by supporting the body’s elimination channels and by binding to metals, chemicals, and toxins so they can be safely removed from the body. Vaccinations are certainly toxic.

First of all…

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! There’s a misconception that detoxing is harsh or can only be done via chelating and fasting.

With children, it is extremely important that detoxing be done in a slow, gentle manner, and in the safest way possible.

A detox usually lasts a month but may last longer if your child suffered an adverse reaction. After the detox is completed, you can narrow in on your child’s specific health condition (if they have one) which is why establishing care with a Naturopath, Naturopathic Physician, Functional Medicine Doctor, or Chiropractor trained in this area is a great idea.


First of all, if you are choosing to vaccinate - take an ice pack with you and ice the vaccine site immediately after injection to reduce inflammation at the site.

Detoxification bath – Add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil to your child’s bath with a 2 cups of epsom salt. You can also do this as a foot bath.

Probiotics – A probiotic is essential to restore gut flora and balance the immune system. Check with your health care practitioner for a good brand and dosage for your child.

Omega 3 Oil – This is especially important to take if your child suffered an adverse reaction. Cod liver oil is thought to be the most superior of all fish oils. You can also use Udo’s Oil.

Cilantro – Dr. Yoshiaki Omura discovered cilantro can accelerate the excretion of mercury and aluminum from the body. The theory is that cilantro has a molecular bond that binds to heavy metals and pulls them from the body. Cilantro therapy is certainly gentle and inexpensive.

Vitamin C - Linus Pauling’s Nobel Prize winning work showed that Vitamin C helps counteract the damage of heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins contained in vaccines and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin C comes in easy to consume chewables for kids, but you can also use the powdered form and even liposomal vitamin C as an option.

Silica - is an effective non-invasive therapy for reducing the burden of aluminum in the body, it has been show to help the body slow down the accumulation of aluminum.

Water – When toxins are pulled from the body, they need to be flushed out. Full kidney function is dependent upon there being enough water in the body. Avoid soda, dairy, and junk juices and encourage your child to drink plenty of water.

Raw Food, Juices, & Smoothies – Shoot for at least 2-3 raw juices or smoothies per day during a detox, in addition to their normal meals. Try to include foods like broccoli, collards and kale, daikon radish, garlic, onions, spices, and sunny-side up eggs from free-range chickens in their diet during this time.

Make sure to check in with your healthcare advisor or practitioner during this time - and certainly before purchasing and dosing any supplements.


P.S. There are some great additional ideas for detoxing in some of the Vaccines Revealed episodes - particularly episode 10. So, if you’ve wished you had the episodes to review and refer to, we have great news!!

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