Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Special Encore Weekend – The Truth About Vaccines

The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV) Weekend Marathon Alert!  No registration!  

WATCH HERE: - PARENTS! The Truth About Vaccines is a tell-all 7 part series featuring over 60 vaccine experts who give both sides of the debate, and you can now watch ALL 7 EPISODES FOR FREE for the next 48 hours! 

If you are concerned about vaccine safety, vaccine efficacy or vaccine mandates, this series is for you. If you can only watch 1 episode, parents who have seen the series say to watch episode 3!

NO EXCUSES! The Truth About Vaccines is replaying all 7 episodes for 48 hrs- share it so we reach more parents who need the truth!


Did you miss TTAV when it played live this week?   Your last chance to see The Truth About Vaccines FREE

This 7-part documentary totally blew the roof off what I thought I knew about vaccines… in every possible way.

From the history, through what we know today and even what we can expect to see in the future, the experts who participated in this event were second to none.  And the information was transformational.  Regardless of their neutral stance on vaccines, we remain VERY MUCH ANTI-VACCINE!

And if you missed it... you’re in LUCK!

The team at The Truth About Vaccines are putting up the ENTIRE 7-part series for one last “hurrah” this weekend.

You can watch the entire series back-to-back, but this is your very last chance to see it all for FREE.

If you didn’t get to for the original event, go here and get instant access to the replay weekend right now.

We liked it so much we're watching it again.  Seriously.

P.S. Help spread the word about this outstanding series and the vital information it contains – give this link to friends and family so they can see it too.


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