Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sweet Freedom Summit Day 2: Ending sugar addiction from the inside out!

Today at The Sweet Freedom Summit, we discuss ending sugar addiction from the inside out. Discover how the presence of heavy metals in your body can trigger sugar cravings and how the gut microbiome can provide regulation.

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DAY 2: APRIL 11, 2017

Wendy Myers, FDN

The Heavy Metal Connection

What You'll Learn -
Prevalence of heavy metals in your body
How toxins lead to sugar cravings
Testing and getting the metals out!

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Vincent Pedre, MD

Sugar and Healing the Gut

What You'll Learn -
How the gut dictates sugar cravings
Testing for food sensitivities
Microbiome’s ability to combat sugar addiction

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David Jockers DC, MS, BA, NSCA-CSCS

Advanced Strategies to Bust Through Sugar Cravings

What You'll Learn -
Common cravings and associated nutrient deficiencies
Nutrition and lifestyle changes to CRUSH cravings
Key herbs, tonics and nutrients that address cravings

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Maria Claps, CHHC, FDN-P

Which Foods Sap (or Support) Your Beauty?

What You'll Learn -
Main cause of visible skin aging
Strategies to slow down visible aging
Specific foods to nourish your skin!

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Commentary & Thoughts:

Killing Candida & Yeast is KEY to stopping the sugar cravings.  And as mentioned yesterday, a good pro-biotic / pre-biotic is a must as well.


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