Diabetes Summit 2018

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sweet Freedom Summit Day 3: Replace the white stuff with the right stuff--unhealthy sweeteners that MUST be replaced!

Eliminate sugar cravings with an awareness of what your body needs--replace the white stuff with the right stuff! Plus, today's Sweet Freedom Summit experts give the lowdown on unhealthy sweeteners that should be replaced with natural versions.

[LEARN TODAY] Replace the white stuff with the right stuff--unhealthy sweeteners that MUST be replaced!

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DAY 3: APRIL 12, 2017

Brenda Davis, RD
Vegan Nutrition Expert

Plant-Powered Strategies and Sugar/Meat Myths

What You'll Learn -
How to reduce sugar (and eat fat instead!)
Difference between sugar in fruit and added sugars
Why carbohydrates are NOT the enemy

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Sara Vance, CN

Helping Your Family Break Up with Sugar

What You'll Learn -
Impact of sugar on your children
Why people UNDERestimate sugar intake
Strategies for picky eaters

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Fran Sussman
Holistic Practitioner, Coach

Holistic, Painless Approach to Cutting Sugar

What You'll Learn -
How sugar impacts cancer and Lyme disease
Lowdown on the right types of sugar
Resetting your palate for sugar intolerance

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John Immel
Master of Ayurvedic Practices

What Hunger Can Teach Us!

What You'll Learn -
Understanding hunger and cravings
Why dieting WON’T help with sugar addiction
How Ayurveda helps with sugar cravings

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Commentary & Thoughts:

Killing Candida & Yeast is KEY to stopping the sugar cravings.  And as mentioned yesterday, a good pro-biotic / pre-biotic is a must as well.  Additional comments will be under each speaker, as time permits.


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