Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sweet Freedom Summit Day 4: HyperNourishment for your mental, emotional and spiritual health!

Today's Sweet Freedom Summit experts talk about the concept of "HyperNourishment." You'll learn about detoxing and HyperNourishment for your mental, emotional and spiritual health!

[LEARN TODAY] Learn "HyperNourishment" for your mental, emotional and spiritual health! #SweetFreedom

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DAY 4: APRIL 13, 2017

Mindie Kniss, MFA, BA, PhD

How Heart Intelligence Can Help with Sugar Addiction

What You'll Learn -
How your heart can impact sugar cravings
Conquering fear as a strategy!
How being “busy” can create sugar cravings

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Keesha Ewers, ARNP
Women’s Vitality Expert

Getting Your Vitality Back!

What You'll Learn -
Sugar addiction and autoimmune diseases
Neurotransmitters and the brain
Healing addiction caused by childhood experiences

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We had just finished up watching her recent Women's Vitality Summit.  We didn't get to help promote it due to this summit, upcoming Global Stress Summit and the NOW HAPPENING Truth About Vaccines (TTAV) docu-series.  We barely have time to watch all of these, but cram as much as we can. The Women's Vitality Summit was a great summit and some interesting subjects.


Kevin Hogan

Impact of Stigma/Self-Stigma on Sugar Addiction

What You'll Learn -
Is weight stigma the same as fat shaming?
How stigma can undermine your efforts
Expert tips to overcoming stigma!

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Ocean Robbins

Non-Food Strategies for Giving Up Sugar

What You'll Learn -
What is the “Sugar Pleasure Paradox?”
Eating yourself out of sugar addiction!
Feeling compelled toward powerful food choices

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Commentary & Thoughts:

Killing Candida & Yeast is KEY to stopping the sugar cravings.  And as mentioned yesterday, a good pro-biotic / pre-biotic is a must as well.  We really like the one from Arthur Andrew Medical called Syntol AMD.  The mix is great, and all we have to do is re-encapsulate into gelatin capsules from BulkSupplements to avoid the cellulose polymerized veg caps.


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