Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A SHOT OF TRUTH: A quote from the book, BEYOND POSITIVE THINKING by Dr. Robert Anthony

A quote from the book, BEYOND POSITIVE THINKING by Dr. Robert Anthony. Page 165.
“If you look at your life, you will see that whatever happened to you, there was usually a warning sign, but you delayed until the last minute to make a correction. You were probably afraid of making a mistake, being wrong, losing someone’s approval of looking like a fool.”

This was me in 1970. I had spent 3 years with doctors after my daughter; Cathy was vaccine damaged physically and mentally. The decision I made then would be frowned on today. In 1970, there were no internet or groups. There weren’t any vaccine damaged kids or at least I never heard of any. And back then, people thought I was insane, including my wife. But after watching Cathy get worse from their treatment, I began asking hard questions. After getting answers like, we don’t know, there is no cure, that’s all we can do, she will have to learn to live with the disease, I started out with one idea. There must be a cure. And I will find it. So I began to do serious looking for help. In spite of all the fears I had, I had to make a decision. I told the doctors that she had gotten progressively worse under their treatment of drugs, and I was taking her out of the hospital. (Children’s Memorial in Chicago)
I had lots of doubts and fears, but I trusted my instincts. Their prognoses was unacceptable. My little girl would not go through life with a disease. I believe that Cathy would have died under their treatment by the time she was a teen. Because I made that choice, Dr. Shelton’s treatment added 30 plus years to her life.

As a result of the negative experience with the medical profession, I have spent my life searching for the truth about health. As a result of my findings I have not been to a doctor in 53 years or taken any meds, or bought health insurance.
In a few months I will be 76 years young. I feel like a kid.
Let me close with another quote from Dr. Anthony. “We become prisoners of our hope. Hope is what keeps all suffering in place. Hope is the expectation that something or someone, is going to come to our rescue, and we will live happily ever after, and it’s that little rush of hope that keeps us going from one disappointment to another, because it keeps us from taking responsibility and taking action.”

Hope is why we are losing our children to the medical monster. Hope is waiting for the leaders to save us. But the leaders HAVE SOLD OUT.

There are three types of people in this world.
1. Those who watch what happens.
2. Those who wonder what's happening.
3. Those who make things happen.
Decide now. Which one are you?

Jimmy Novax O'Kelly
Founder of the new,
Anti-Vaccination League of America
Discoverer of the lving virus and antibody lie.


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