Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Google + Share Button

I can no longer Google+ our posts or anyone else's blogger posts anymore.

When you clear even just ONE DAY of history in the browser, it fucks up EVERYTHING.

When trying to Google Plus another blogger blog this is what I get...

I can no longer Google+ ANYTHING.  So those of you whom I follow and read your blogs, I can't +1 nor share to Google+ anymore.

Clicks on the google+ button on websites only generate a lightning fast pop-up window, not the dialog box that used to open so I could comment and post to the circles of my choice. The count does not increment and no sign of the click on my profile 1+ list.

I think that it's the javascript for the google + sign in button is loaded after the button is "loaded" (if you use the html render method).

Possibly the problem was that my sign in button was loaded by jQuery load function into a div and sometimes this function takes some time to execute. Fortunately there is a callback argument in that function that I've set up to load my g+ js!  That's what I read somewhere.

Anyhow, it's other sites besides Blogger, as the button is dead EVERYWHERE.  Can only 1+ within the Google Plus profile itself.

So if ever advised  the usual cookie cutter response from anyone advising you to clear history, cache, etc..., to fix a another problem, tell them to go fuck themselves, because it erases settings, logs you out, etc...

And now this...

I have been Google+ 1's all this time under the usual Blogger profile.  I refuse to ditch blogger profile for Google Plus user just to share.  There is NO VALID REASON to switch in order to share someone's blog posts or my blog posts.

I pray that Google's company goes bankrupt.

So.... best to NEVER clear any cache, history, etc... even just an hour's worth.   Clearing cache will mess up the settings, logins, etc...

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