Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Universal Bro Code: 1,000,000 Views!!!!

The Universal Bro Code: 1,000,000 Views!!!!: Yeah!!!!


Nic pic!  :D

My blog must apparently suck as I have...

Pageviews all time history 185,777. Hehehe.

Regardless, I still love to post things. There is just so much that people need to know. The right people will find it, if it's meant to be. That's the way I see it.

Let's see... I have 12 followers public and 1 private and 32 (I think) email subscribers.

The most viewed pages are the summit post, particularly the two vaccine ones (VaccinesRevealed and The Truth About Vaccines TTAV). There are at least two non-summit posts that has alot of views.

I try to keep mine neat and informative as possible.  Pictures are lined up within the post border, use paragraph breaks (except for copying quotes from people), and try to be as detailed and clear as possible. My favorite thing to blog about is health obviously.  But it's supposed to be a mish mash of whatever I feel like posting. Most people aren't interested in health, and they must have a death wish, especially with all the vaccine warnings given here, and solutions for common health problems.

I like the being able to repost from other blogs, as is this post, for example.

And some of the visitors are apparently sharing to social media, as I see traffic from different places.

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