Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2 Day 1: 300,000+ people per year contract Lyme Disease

DAY 1 (June 19, after 10am US eastern)

The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2 started today! Don’t miss these amazing experts teaching you about expert protocols that could radically improve the life of someone with Lyme! Learn with me today online for free!

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Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

Improving Lyme Disease Protocols

What You'll Learn -
Detox vs. drainage
What anabolic steroid users know
At-home, inexpensive tools


Anyone using TUDCA - (water soluble bile) to help with drainage and detox and debulking of the billiary tree? Dr Jay Davidson has posted on it in the past and shared again about it today on the Chronic Lyme Summit. Pretty good so far!

Philip Blair, MDCol. US Army, ret.

Lyme Recovery with CBD

What You'll Learn -
Endocannabinoid system’s immune control
CBD dosing
Why omega-3 is important


Scott Forsgren, FDN-P

Maximizing Lyme Disease Recovery

What You'll Learn -
Herb for EMF protection
Factors (other than Lyme) to consider
Top daily recommendation


James Maskell

Evolution of Medicine and Lyme

What You'll Learn -
Operating system for the next era
The dangers of social isolation
#1 recommendation for Lyme


Wayne Anderson, ND

Overview of Lyme and Its Evolution

What You'll Learn -
The renaissance period of treatment
Challenge vs. treatment protocols
Types of Borrelia: hard hitting & drawn out



Any of these symptoms sound familiar?


Thoughts & Commentary

Consider Tony Pantalleresco's protocols for Morgellons/Lyme such as the cleanses and anti-nano device.

Tony says that Morgellon's and Lyme is from Nano poisoning.

Also consider Steve Beddingfield's protocols (Beginning and Advanced)

Steve's Protocol here:

Detailed information here:
He said in a comment that Morgellon's and Lyme are one in the same.

I'm open to the possibility of both nano poisoning and parasitic.

Steve Beddingfield's YouTube channel:

Full Sized Image:'s%20Images%20Images/2016%20Steve's%20Protocol%20via%20Linda.jpg


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