Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Companies, Shysters and Scams

Rant! Beware!...

Dunno about you all, but I see this thing where various companies offer this and that product for anti-aging, and the companies' founders look like hell.  Do they REALLY believe in their product?

Or just in it for the $$$$?

And then, there's this other thing where you try to contact someone at a company about a product, account, or a simple question, and they use the excessive javascript, flash, and contact forms to contact them.  Well, I can see the reasoning for contact forms, due to spambots spewing their never ending shit, but NOW, if you submit a stupid support ticket, and then they will send a form email acknowledging the ticket, but YET you have to LOG IN to check status of ticket. Especially when NO LOG IN credentials were never given to begin with.

WTF?!   How the hell do you contact real living human beings anymore?  Is everyone that damn lazy and brain damaged now?

The Spirit of Excellence has LONG since left the building.

This is one of the many bazillion problems thats' wrong with the world anymore.

My prayer is all these lazy ass scammers and companies will just go out of business.

Products have been, for the most part, compromised with excipients, dangerous fillers and other crap.

And the REAL GOOD stuff?!... You have to hunt down, and jump through a bazillion hoops to find and get it.

And the satanist cunts in power know it. THEY are responsible for it all.

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