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Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Holistic Dr Andy Cutler Dies of Apparent Heart Attack.. Rest in Peace

Holistic Dr Andy Cutler Dies of Apparent Heart Attack.. Rest in Peace

By Erin Elizabeth -  July 30, 2017

It brings me no joy to announce the death of such a vital part of the Autism world and holistic health community.

I was a member of several of the Andy Cutler groups online for chelation and the Andy Cutler protocol. We were humbled to know Andy and learn from him while we could.

My heart goes out to his friends and family.

It appears to have been a heart attack and we’ll let you know as we know more as we are updated. Please see the memorial written below about Dr Andy Cutler from his group...

What some are discussing, so various comments from the pages and groups in no apparent order...

I don't want to disrespect his memory by unduly analysing the circumstances of his death so soon, but it remains as fact that ND's etc have been killed for having less impact.
~ Matthew

There is a heart atrack gun that can cause heart attacks
~ Gloria

Oh Lord please protect all the doctors waking up people they are angels tot the world like Erin and Doctor Mercola please keep them safe people are blinded and no power to themselves hoe to take care their health because of propaganda advertising what people need to eat and what they must drink take care all of this doctors who are caring for all the people in world I'm begging you LORD please ..... show a miracle for this doctors you send for us in JESUS name AMEN! Please
~ Esperanza

I don't know if he died naturally or not as I wasn't there. I'd say at this point- every holistic doctor who dies (this one at about 61 yrs old) who does not have a super long term illness is suspicious.....
~ Erin at Health Nut News

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