Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Immune Defense Summit Day 3: Mind-blowing Truths About Killing Viruses WITHOUT Toxic Medications!

DAY 3 (July 26, after 10am US eastern)

Fact: Great nutrition remains the cornerstone of optimal health! Today at The Immune Defense Summit, you’ll discover mind-blowing truths about killing viruses without toxic medications, amazing supplement advice, family medicine (beyond conventional wisdom) and how to improve detoxification pathways. Plus, the most important food news you’ll ever hear!

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“I’ve watched the world become more and more sick, more at risk than ever. We have to get this information out. Summits serve a very important purpose; they’re educating a lot of people very quickly.”
~ Donna Gates

[LEARN TODAY] Mind-blowing truths about killing viruses WITHOUT toxic medications! #ImmuneSummit



James Colquhoun
Founder, FoodMatters

Best Foods for Strong Immunity

What You'll Learn -

Where does immunity live?
Amazing truths about fermented foods
Revealing look at probiotics (and more!)

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Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

Killing Viruses Naturally

What You'll Learn -

Suppressed news about the immune system
Natural ways to neutralize toxins
Best protocol to kill any virus

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Michael T. Murray, ND

Supplements for Immune Strength

What You'll Learn -

Undeniable reality about nutrition
Best supplements for immune health
Cold and flu prevention strategies

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Heather Wolfson, DC

Family Health: Where Immunity Begins

What You'll Learn -

Forgotten truth about breastfeeding
Best foods to build immunity
Vital news about toxins and disease

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Christopher Shade, PhD

How Chronic Infections Block Detox

What You'll Learn -

Chronic infections rarely discussed
Special warning for healthcare providers
Which nutrients improve detox pathways

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Thoughts and Commentary:

As time permits...

Most comments will be under each speaker as applies.

Regarding "viruses", go see Jim O'Kelly's website Shots of Truth.  Over the years I purchased all these books and medical papers. Than it took a long time to put the pieces of that fraudulent puzzle together that Rivers and his band of criminals made over the years. When enough people know this the vaccine racket is over for-ever. I spent a lifetime figuring out their con-game. Now you can learn it in a few weeks. Than teach your center of influence. Time is of the essence. Everyday more children are damaged or dead from vaccines. What they don’t want you to know. Germs don’t cause illness, you do. What virus really is. And it isn’t living.  Everyone on my friends list is getting this notice.

Jim O’Kelly, Founder of the new, Anti-Vaccination League of America

"All doctors are nice.....until you stand up for yourself and challenge them.. Then their bedside manner takes off its mask."---Jim O'Kelly

I learned a long time ago if you ask a question, and they act like your stupid, or become impatient or get angry, then there just trying to hide the fact that they don't really know what they are talking about and are trying to convince you that you should do what they say.----Jim O'Kelly

Why I am a Crusader in the Anti-Vaccine, Anti-Drug Movement


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