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Candida Summit

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Juicing and Raw Foods: Ciagarettes! Eeek! Run, hide your children! The so...

Juicing and Raw Foods: Ciagarettes! Eeek! Run, hide your children! The social outcasts and results of 40 years of mass programming...: And now, for the truth...which we've known for a long time. Also this, a great many people I know and have known, are dropping like flies from cancers. None of them ever smoked...


Neither of us like the small left behind by cigarette smoking and all those years of working as a cocktail waitress/bartender, I would come home smelling bad, in addition to the smoke giving me a bad headache.  In an open space outside, it never bothers me. My clothes stunk, and when we lived in FL, my daughter and her dad smoked and her clothes reeked of it when she came to visit.  I tried washing her clothes several times, and the smoke burnt smell wouldn't come out. I would call it the "ashtray smell".  When we were little, we all smelled like that due to both parents smoking at the time.

The smell of Marijuana never bothered me, nor gave me a headache.  We just dislike the after scent of cigarettes.  We did smoke when we were younger adults, but have long since quit it.  We would prefer the cannabis in an oil, but if we did smoke it, we would feel okay about it and know that it would never harm us.  I like the woodsy and herbal smell of cannabis.

I wonder if organic clean tobacco can be found?  As far as I know, my daughter had stopped smoking.  It's because she wanted to try and get pregnant. We have got her on a few supplements to help her with detox, but she needs ALOT of detox, due to the fact that she has never detoxed before. She is dealing with fatty liver and low thyroid, so we buy this and that and have it sent to her when we're able to afford it.  I would need to be making several thousand a month to get her all that she needs, but we get what we can for her.

My ex had cancer (lung, skin and a brain tumor).  He started out with radiation, but quickly abandoned that, and found an alternative doc and went on Latrielle aka B-17 aka Amygdalin aka Apricot Seeds.  So he survived, after all, thanks to the alternatives.  He continued to smoke both cigarettes and cannabis, and I tend to think that perhaps smoking the cannabis also contributed to him surviving.

Last year, he passed away from pneumonia complications as in sepsis.  The sepsis (blood poisoning) is what took him out.  Cancer was never mentioned last year.  He probably had vaccines though, but we have no idea if he had recent ones or not, so who knows what caused his pneumonia.  More than likely the chemtrails as mentioned in the linked article above.  I know he never believed us when we first told him about the chemtrails. He was extremely mainstream and we are anti-mainstream and alternative.

The original article is from the Health Wyze site:

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They also have some other great articles in addition to the above one.  We like this website and company.

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