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Friday, July 21, 2017

Past the tipping point...

A mother and father decide not to continue vaccinating their infant child due to a reaction the baby had. The pediatrician's office calls to ask why they haven't returned. When the mother tells her why the office hangs up. The next morning Child Protective Services arrived at her front door and investigated the couple. What will it take for you to STAY OUT OF THE PEDIATRICIANS OFFICES? What will it take for you to exercise CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE? There are other types of doctors who will respect your wishes for your baby. We are under seize! #RiseUp from every corner of this nation and join us, September 18-19 in Houston to PROTEST vaccine enforcements! Those of you who still believe that choice is the way to go will discover soon if you don't #RiseUp that THERE WILL BE NO CHOICE! ALL exemptions WILL BE REMOVED! It's part of the 2020 initiative! #Enough! Below I will link what happened to one mother! We MUST decide that our children are not the property of BigPharma, the medical cartel or the U.S. Government! They are fearfully and wonderfully made according to the word of God! NO VACCINES NEEDED!!!! #HealthFreedomWorldwide #TxMFA #antivaccine #NotGoingAway #GodIsWithUs ~ Sheila Lewis Ealey

Remember when Dr. Sherri Tenpenny warned us about The 2020 Initiative in her interview in The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series?

2020 Initiative is happening everywhere.

Terrible news from Italy and a bad day for human rights. 💔💔💔💔

The 1st part of the bill for mandatory vaccines in Italy has passed.

This means no child aged 0-6yrs can attend daycare come September without being fully vaccinated with 35 vaccines (12 needles but combined vaccines brings it to 35).

No exceptions or exemptions.

So even immuno-compromised and genetically susceptible children have to be vaxxed even though the risk of vaccinating outweighs the potential benefits.

If you don't comply you face a fine of 3500 euro and potentially your child can be taken from you by social services.

This is a breach of human rights.

If you think ah who cares its happening in italy not here!

Well its on its way...its coming to France and Germany next and its already implemented in Romania and Poland.

And an article from the british medical journal released today confirmed the UK are discussing it at present.

The plan is mandatory vaccines by 2020.

Ireland will not escape this medical tyranny.

This result in Italy is the first step in losing our rights and freedom as parents and human beings.
For those of you thinking my child is fully up to date so this won't affect me.. what about gardasil? for boys? heard the horror stories and think you might skip that one? think again. mandates don't make exceptions.

Get sick after the flu jab and decide you'd rather have the flu than the jab again? think again. mandatory.

and the next 300 vaccines in development at the moment, just waiting to be mandated for every man, woman and child.

It's time to stand up and fight for what little freedom we have left. Copied and shared from a friend...Lee nic An ri


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