Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Gary Krasner: New York Vaccine Exemptions. 7-27-14

Gary Krasner of CFIC is the go to for exemptions for school in NY State. In NY your best bet is to contact Gary Krasner


Gary Krasner, Director,
Coalition For Informed Choice (CFIC)
Comprehensive counseling and guidance for obtaining the religious waiver, since 1998

For the fastest response, email to:

For phone and other details, browse to:

Membership is free. Services are free. Fees charged only for higher levels of exemption assistance.
    Services For Members Include:
(1) Assistance in obtaining school exemptions from vaccination in NYS.
(2) Referrals to local pediatricians who respect parents' refusal to vaccinate.
(3) CFIC will negotiate or litigate on parent's behalf if they're denied the waiver.
(4) Parents may join local chapters of CFIC in their own areas of the state, to help enact our bills.
(5) Assistance to parents who become entangled with children's protective services.
(6) Tutorials that help parents avoid entanglement with children's protective services.
(7) Free Books on Natural Hygiene (diet and healing) from the CFIC Booklist.
(8) Procedure to refuse hep-b vaccine for newborn & evade entanglement with CPS.
Each year since 2002, CFIC's legislation has been introduced in the State Senate and Assembly.
The bills are summarized as follows:

Bill#1: Permits private physician's certification for the medical exemption to prevail over Dept. of Health veto.
Bill#2: Removes the "genuine and sincere" religious test used to screen applicants for the religious exemption.
Bill#3: Enacts a "philosophical exemption" that merely requires the parent to state an objection to vaccination.

Contact Information above

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled" . . . Richard P. Feynman

I'm neither a lawyer nor medical physician. It should not be construed from any materials I distribute that I'm dispensing legal or medical advice.


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