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Thursday, November 9, 2017

[Tonight] Christ Revealed Episode 3 – the #1 Documentary Series of 2017

Welcome to Episode 3 of Christ Revealed

It’s here…Episode 3!

Tonight we’re taking a trip to the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

There, we’ll meet Amir Tsarfati—whose depth and strength of faith leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets. He’s also a powerhouse of Biblical knowledge, and you’ll hear history, scripture, and personal experience woven into a tapestry of faith that’s unforgettable.

Here’s a man with unshakable faith and commitment, whose context of “relationship over ritual” will have you thinking for days!

One of the most controversial issues in the Christian faith is also one of its most pivotal aspects: The Resurrection.

This is a topic that’s absolutely central to the Christian faith, and in tonight’s episode J. Warner Wallace will return to present a solid, convicting case for the resurrection of Christ.

You can’t miss this—nobody has ever created this kind of argument for the validity of the resurrected Christ, or stated it in the same way.

We’ve had some people ask if it’s OK to share what they’re learning in Christ Revealed. The answer is a resounding YES!

Even if they’ve missed a few episodes, they can get started watching today. And, we’ll do our best to make sure everyone has a chance to see all of this series while we’re still airing it for free! You can share by sending them to for their own personal viewing link.


I know you’ll enjoy tonight’s topics, and I’m praying that they will touch your heart in a way that brings you hope and joy.

In Christ,


[Tonight] Christ Revealed Episode 3 – the #1 Documentary Series of 2017

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