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Friday, December 1, 2017

Our Spiritual World: A miracle of life, from death

Our Spiritual World: A miracle of life, from death: The hummingbird that lived twice And now, for a miracle that happened last week. And like all the miracles around here, they happen with such frequency as to become our normal. Every single aspect of this happy event has witnesses, as is required by the law of YHVH. The rule is two or more or you have nothing or you are to stay silent on the matter. Witnesses make all things real. Just be sure they are of good character and report, or they will betray the matter and lie later, as has happened to me too many times. If they have no truth in them, keep the matter to yourself. ...


We've had our own miracle here, for the past two weeks.  Nothing to do with cats or birds, but still a blessing nevertheless and a very nice and unexpected surprise.  I did note it mentally as a MIRACLE and a blessing to boot.

Regarding cats...

Our two cats (Miracle & Breezy) are getting along much better now.  They will sleep on the bed together, and Breezy sometimes will lick Miracle, and Miracle will actually let him do that.

We keep them both indoors, as it's too cold up here. Plus that huge predator eagle (a bird!) nesting across from us.

Miracle was a gift from a friend as a kitten and Breezy is a rescue, sort of.  He just wandered upon the property here, and we fed him and just took him in, much to Miracle's dismay at the time.

Since they're both indoors, neither of them can bother birds, but Miracle has always been good at mouse catching, and Breezy goes after the spiders, etc...

Breezy is much bigger now, so he was still a growing kitten apparently when he showed up.

We love our cats here!  And both have had their Spotlight on the Cheezburger site home page.

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