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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Daily Messenger: Burning down Southern California

The Daily Messenger: Burning down Southern California: This blog will be updated hourly today, but I have to evacuate and before that, go back into the fire to rescue someone's animals and belongings. It seems that although the fire already swept through the area once in eastern Ojai, suspicious fresh new burns are starting up again in those sections that weren't burned down the first time. Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts. ...

Prayers are needed and appreciated for this family and all the other families (pets included)  who need help and protection.  Thank you!

They all have been in my prayers since finding out about this yesterday.

Our Father, We pray for protection and blessings for this family of boys, all the other families in the area. We also pray protection over the kittehs and all their pets, and that the animals (including wild animals!) are all rescued, safe and fed.  We call down ALL of Heaven to move in their favor for protection, safety and all blessings.  We ask that the remaining homes be spared.
In Yahshua's name, Thank you and amen.

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