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Monday, June 4, 2018

[Affiliates] Join us to promote the *NEW* Sacred Plant!


The mission of The Sacred Plant is to educate and empower billions of people about the healing benefits of medical cannabis -- deeply discussing the stigma that surrounds it.

Last year's first docuseries was seen by more than 538,633 people in 195 countries.

We expect this year's event to be EVEN LARGER. Your fans and followers will surely not want to miss it!

1. Click here to register as an affiliate for the event!

2. Here are the dates to add to your calendar:

    June 6: Promo window opens!
    June 19: Day 1 begins
    June 30: Replay weekend

3. Wow! The program has been private until NOW!

Last year's event paid +7 figures in commissions and, up until now, the affiliate program HAS NOT been open to all affiliates. Take advantage of this opportunity today!


To see the value of this docu-series, here is Episode 1 from last November:

For those who would rather just watch the docu-series, then follow this link to sign up to watch the entire docu-series free:



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