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Friday, June 8, 2018

Our Spiritual World: They are everywhere...

Our Spiritual World: They are everywhere...: A few Pics taken from over the years...there are millions of this class of "messenger." A blessing to all ...


Okay, the cloud with a cross kinda sorta looks like a lion to me.

Okay, regarding prayer and waiting for a miracle to show up...

When Diana visited us in 2010.  For some reason, was outside and was talking about heart shaped clouds.  And I asked her if she wanted one just for her.  And she said yes.

This is he heart cloud that I stood out in the yard and prayed for to send my friend Diana who was standing right next to me. I asked send Diana a heart cloud too, and said out loud, "SHOW HER YOUR LOVE!"

Witnesses?!  You betcha!  Diana being there as the human witness.  And my camera being the digital witness.  lol

Within a couple of minutes?.... here it is!!!

Diana McClintic yep, I was there when she did that. she has good power of belief in prayers when she wants to. Accept the lady is one in a million with her gift!

Cartoons in the Sky (Mr. Magoo). August 17th 2010

Also, another incident, is cartoons in the sky.  Diana and I sitting out on the deck that day and she says something about Mr. Magoo being in the sky.  So I go grab my digital witness the digital camera, and get to snapping some pics of the cloud.

Cartoons in the Sky (Mr. Magoo). August 17th 2010

Looks like this with a big fist...

Just like the one in the sky!

Cartoons in the Sky (Mr. Magoo). August 17th 2010

What a funny sense of humor!

And I even got a heart in the bottom of the pan when boiling water for tea, and this was what is left of it...

Water Heart

All kinds of cool stuff showing up!


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