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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Daily Messenger: Urgent! Forbidden information,a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations ...

The Daily Messenger: Urgent! Forbidden information,a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations ...


Some helpful things for protection:

Smart Meter Covers
The Smart Meter Cover safely blocks ~98% of the EMF (radio frequency / microwave) radiation emitted from smart meters.

Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters
Greenwave offers products and tips for reducing dirty electricity and other electropollution in homes, schools, businesses, and other settings. Our mission… Creating healthier spaces for living, learning, work, and more.

Lugol's Iodine - 3rdi is the one that Steve Beddingfield has recommended in his F.I.R.M. Protocol.  Helpful in moving radiation out of the body, and removal of harmful halogens.  Lugol's is also helpful for different parts of our bodies, including keeping GI Tract cleaner & helps with oxygen depletion.  Best to take with co-factors such as L-Tyrosine amino (helps in T4 thyroid hormone production), and selenium (conversion of T4 to T3, with T3 being the active hormone needed for temperature, metabolism, and at the cellular level).  Our livers must also be clear for the conversion to take place, or else we may end up with RT3 (Reverse T3).  3rd Iodine eBay Store

Iodine is an oxidation cleanse. As such it attacks ouchies with oxygen to heal where needed. It is a cleaner as much as feeding the glandular system, like oil for the car. 
~ Lily Satterfield

BulkSupplements has the L-Tyrosine in gelatin capsules, with NO "Other Ingredients" added. Just be sure to click on gelatin capsules to avoid polymerized/nano-crap found in veg capsules.
Official Website:  https://www.bulksupplements.com/l-tyrosine-3389.html
Amazon:  https://amzn.to/2JDqrY4


Ingesting L-Seleneomethionine is best way to assimilate selenium, a critical micro-nutrient for the human body. It's great for the human heart, and studies show it reduces the chances of colon cancer by 20 percent, and also helps the human body to make glutathione peroxidase, a necessary nutrient for removing toxins from the liver. It also has many other benefits, and slows the aging process. L-Methionine contains sulfur, which is great for the joints, and also detoxifies the body. One milligram per day is enough. Like maybe a pinch of it.

Biotics Research has the pure selenium drops in liquid. But it does have a couple of preservatives.

I have BioSel 5000 pure bulk powder with NOTHING else added.  Hard to find though.

Selenium smells like penicillin too.  Weird.

Mylar sheets, as described in the video.

Y-Shield RF Shielding Paint

Blocking EMFs, ELFs, RFs, and other frequencies is definitely ideal.  William Mount mentions putting copper mesh behind a picture and put it over the area where the SmartMeter is.  There is something called RF shielding paint by Y-Shield to block out the frequencies. Of course, we have the orgone (since 2002), and the Himalayan Salt Lamps in the house, which helps too.

Shielding a Bedroom From EMF Emitted by Cell Towers Using YShield Paint

Search:  http://messiahmews.blogspot.com/search?q=RF+Paint

More solutions coming later...

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