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Friday, May 18, 2012

Beginning Zumba Basics & Actual Zumba Class with Gigi at Fitness

This first video is very helpful in beginning Zumba classes. She breaks the steps down and then do the move. It's great to repeat video if need be, until the steps and moves are learned.

This is an actual Zumba Class. LOVE the Zumba cargo pants and capris.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! This is just one song and my favorite zumba song too, btw. This gal is tight!


MessiahMews said...

It's not as easy as it looks either. Takes ALOT of stamina.

Doing Yoga is helpful too, if one has problems with mobility.

MessiahMews said...

And not only that, but when BEHIND a Zumba instructor or viewing a tutorial from behind, it's a better view of the actual step. Because when they're facing towards the class the moves will be opposite. Get it?