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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kitty Kat Voices

A blog dedicated to helping rescue shelter cats.

Please help to save the kittehs!

Thank you to the Cheezburger Network (NCcharmer, wally01, LittleAPC, furrgetmenot, and many others in saving the Momma Kitteh and her Baby!

My niece saw this pair and posted this.  I saw and reposted, made a caption LOL on Cheezburger and got the Cheez network involved and got them a furever home.

This tabby mom with the mixed up colors is only 1 year old. She has an orange tabby baby, 8 weeks old. These are hair kitties. You don't know what a hair kitty is? That is a kitty that plays with your hair. She plays with the hair when her cage is being cleaned out. I bet anything she will play with yours!
Thank you Cheez network for being there to help us find a home for these two.  There are plenty more kittehs (and doggies) that need loving homes.

People!!  Quit being so damn selfish and irresponsible!   It's people's fault that so many animals have to die!  I know pets are huge responsibities, but at least spay and neuter, so that your pet will not contribute to an already growning population of unwanted animals.

P.S. UPDATE:  We raised enough money, &  I think she is going to get "Man Cat" too!  The only unfortunate part is that shelters have to give cats vaccines.  You all know my stance on vaccines, right?

This week we have a man cat. You heard me, a man cat. He is a big white boy that is a real sweetheart. He will give that that head butt that says HEY! Pet ME! He is about 5 years old and needs a good home, one that cares enough to curtail his tom-catting ways.

I fell in love with him too.  So glad that she is taking him as well.

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MessiahMews said...

I fell in LOVE with these two, and so happy that wally01 is going to get them. She will provide a good home to them and give them all the love they deserve.