Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Orginal Bug Gun & Mosquito Solution

One thing I can't stand is going outside and being molested by all the flying troll insects.

What's even worse is when they get into your home.

There's a gun that will zap them.  Yep, there really is a Bug Gun.

Check it out...

It actually works! The Flyshooter is handy to have at home, office, picnics, boating, camping, hunting, fishing, anywhere and everywhere. The "gun's" projectile is constructed like a flyswatter and smashes bugs against flat objects when fired correctly within the Flyshooter's range. A fun way to knock out annoying bugs taking some fun out of your experience. Assorted colors (sorry, no choice). Made in USA.

Martin Paul 100-75 Flyshooter The Original Bug Gun, Colors may vary

Take that you pesky trolls!

And this....

An itch-free summer is now possible without bug spray!

“New research has shown mosquito bites can be prevented by encouraging the body to create mosquito-repelling compounds. Chemicals created by the skin cause mosquitoes to fly away instead of biting. Two Hawaii-based natural healers (staff at our former health retreat) have developed a product… that keeps mosquitoes from biting by confusing their sense of smell.

Putting substances on the body or in the air is a common way to repel mosquitoes with scents they identify as unpleasant. (I personally find they make me nauseous and I refuse to put harmful chemicals on my skin.) Home remedies to keep bugs away have long included foods like lemon thyme, catnip in the form of oil, garlic, and vitamins, like B1. Mixed results have been reported.

…By supporting the immune system and encouraging the skin to produce its own repellent, mosquitoes aren’t attracted anymore. They get confused, and instead of biting, they look elsewhere for a meal.

Mosquito Solution is an all-natural product with simple, non-toxic ingredients suitable for all ages. To stop bites for 3 hours, take 2 dropperfuls of Mosquito Solution, swish in the mouth for 30 seconds and swallow. That’s it.”

For more info CLICK HERE: Mosquito Solution or contact: Anita 808-937-2556

Anita tells me it works for 8 out of 10 people. They offer a money-back guarantee for the unlucky 2.

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