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Monday, September 17, 2012

Hepatitis B Vax Kills Liver Cells

In response to this article...

A father tells his story of how damaging the Hep B vaccine is to our children.
"Tell me about it. My son Mario is very affected in his liver because of this stupid [hepatitis B vaccine!!!
It infuriates me!! Everyday, he is sickly and his skin is constantly yellow as well as the white of his eyes.
I regret and lament the day that we took him, due to peer pressure from my wife, to get him vaccinated.

And now we reap the satanic consequences of the lunacy called vaccines which in fact are just biological weapons being used against our children.

Maybe it is us that should be judged by Christ for allowing them to corrupt their little bodies at such an early age.

Forgive me for having not been a strong and righteous man and for not having stood up in spite of my knowing that inoculations bring damage to our bodies, and submitting to my wife.

Are you brain dead zombies gettng it yet?

Or do I need to keep screaming over and over again about how vaccines were always intended to kill and maim us?

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