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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Daily Messenger: Importance of YHWH's Name

The Daily Messenger: Importance of YHWH's Name


Excellent video and information!

Found more on this site (I'm still reading)

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MessiahMews said...

Information regarding the letter "J"..

Did you know the letter "j" and the "j" sound has only been used in languages for around 400 years? I would look into this because how can someone 2000 years ago have a name that is only 400 years old? The name was used 1st as the name of the 1st slave ship to cross the atlantic (look it up and make sure)

In Hebrew the name Yahusha means Yah is Salvation, Yah is our Eternal Father and we all give Him praise in the Hebrew tongue when we say "HallaluYAH", Yahuah is the Name of our Father that we are commanded to never bring to naught (take in vain, forget) and the Son comes in the Father's Name (YaHUaH and YaHUsHa)

If you say you will say His "english name" then understand that "jesus" is not english it is in fact latin and the english transliteration of His Name in the correct Hebrew form is Joshua but that still isn't close to the transliteration ;-)

Look up the word transliteration cause it is the cornerstone of translating languages (it is the most important part of translating languages) and after you look this up remember that it is by ONE Name we are Saved and that ONE Name isn't to be changed cuz then it isn't that same identical ONE Name :-)