Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, December 14, 2012

Children among 27 dead in Connecticut school shooting

This is more government orchestrated Psyops for gun control. Just like the last ones. Google MKUltra mind control and Manchurian Candidates. It's a grab for guns. They can't implement their New World Order with armed citizens. Once they get guns they can round up folks and put them in Fema Camps. Also look up Agenda 21.

Also Matthew Smith noted....

Numerology in the shooting.

27 dead 2+7= 9

9 adults

18 children 1+8 = 9


They keep changing the number of dead reported. it was this at one point...also there was a knife attack in china on 22 kids at a school today..same day opposite end of the world. they love their synchronicity.

Name synchronicity Super Storm Sandy in New York and in New Jersey.

Shooting in Newtown Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School
Sandy Hurricane

Sandy Hook Elementary

New York

New-town Connecticut
Sandy Hook Elementary

Red Hook Brooklyn

Red Hook Brooklyn one of the areas affected by Sandy.   Sandy Sandy Sandy!  It's Obvious!   It's a sad day indeed!


Here's the Kid's xanga blog, where he says he was recruited by 30 year army vet:

Read it now before it get's taken down, because the feds don't want you reading the truth straight from this kid's mouth!!

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