Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, December 14, 2012

Okay, Something Good ...

I have to say I'm truly sorry for all of the bad news as of late.  I'm saddened that I haven't had much good news to report lately.  The fact is that I have been so deeply sad and for such a long time now.  I have good and fun days, but most are uneventful and boring.

My deepest apologies, if any of these recent posts upsets you, but I feel I have to scream at people sometimes to get them to listen and to WAKE UP!  Sadly, it's not working for the most part, as people are still maiming and injuring their children via vaccines.  Others are allowing their children to be drugged up to commit atrocities (like today's, for instance).  People are still distracted by their pastimes and useless pleasures (Football games, etc...), and NO ONE is listening, nor are they caring.

Also, I don't know what's going to happen on the 21st, as there are many people saying that different things will or could happen.  It may be a scam, or uneventful and simply just an ending to an ancient calendar, or we could have three days of darkness as mentioned in the Bible.  No one really knows, for sure, but I think the best is to prepare for anything, stay home, stay in, pray, take care of and love your family (and pets too, if you have them!)  Prepare for the worst, but always pray for the best.  Pray for forgiveness, forgive others (as well as yourself), make a conscientious choice to be the best human being in all things.

Anyhow, no matter what happens, I still love my family and friends, so I'm posting this nice pic, because really, that's all I have to offer anyone.

And I love all the cats, pets and other animals too!

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