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Candida Summit

Monday, February 25, 2013

Have You Heard This? N.C.R?

*What is Neuro-Cranial Restructuring?

“Neuro Cranial Restructuring literally means restoring the skull to it’s intended shape so that pressure is removed from the nerves of the brain causing them to rehydrate and begin to function properly.”

“Neuro-Cranial Restructuring (NCR) is a leading edge technique which produces the most dramatic health changes in the shortest period of time of any physical therapy known to man!” “NCR therapy reduces abnormal pressure which builds up inside the skull and causes headaches.

*Who needs NCR therapy?



“When we are born the brain is 90% water. As we age our brains begin to dehydrate. Each year the brain loses about .5% of moisture. Every ten years the brain dehydrates by as much as 5%. In twenty years it dehydrates about 10%. By the age of forty the brain has dehydrated by 20%. This means that by age forty the brain has gone from 90% water down to 70% water. At this point brain fog sets in! When the brain dehydrates down to 55%, the person develops Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or Senile Dementia. People with Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis are only showing symptoms of a dehydrated brain and a very slowly functioning Central Nervous System. They also have an accumulation of toxic minerals such as aluminum from anti-perspirants.

The brain is made up of nerves. These nerves are like spaghetti. When the noodles are wet the spaghetti can be stretched, bent, or even tied in knots and you can’t hurt it. Water conducts electricity very quickly, and a wet nerve will process information quicker than a dry nerve. A dry nerve is like a dry noodle. It is easily injured! It cannot be stretched and if you try to bend it then it gets injured. A dry nerve will conduct electricity like a dead stick. As we get older our brains begin to dry out and slow down. It is like being used to using a Pentium III computer for a brain when you are young and slowly going backwards until you have to begin using a 486 computer when you become old..

*Are you saying that NCR therapy somehow re-hydrates the brain and spinal cord?

“Yes! NCR therapy will rehydrate the brain and spinal cord by at least 10 percent. NCR therapy unlocks the joints of the skull and restores the normal flow of the cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) to the brain. This rehydrates the brain and spinal cord and returns the person to optimum brain function.” As the brain rehydrates, brain function actually improves and the whole process is reversed. The person will feel like their brain has gone from a 486 PC to a Pentium III computer even if their skull has been locked up all of their life.

*Does this actually cause a person to be smarter?

“Yes. As the brain rehydrates, the nerves and the neurotransmitters actually begin to work faster. Then the person is actually able to think faster, process information faster, and make decisions quicker and with less effort.” The central nervous system becomes like a high speed bus in a super fast computer in less than six months. People begin to read faster, type faster, concentrate better, multi task easier, and remember more. In other words, Learning, Comprehension, and Retention become Easier!

*What else does NCR therapy do?

NCR therapy causes the pituitary gland, which sits right behind the bridge of the nose, to re-hydrate. This causes the pituitary to begin to make the proper amount of growth hormone to be used by your body. When the pituitary gland is dry it cannot function properly and production of hormones dry up. People lose their ability to focus and become easily tired and chronic fatigue begins to set in because the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands which make energy are not receiving stimulation from the pituitary. Women begin to experience problems with their monthly cycle. Men develop prostate problems and high blood pressure. The blood pressure becomes an issue because the posterior pituitary produces hormones which control water balance. Rehydrating the pituitary corrects most problems associated with the monthly cycle, blood pressure, energy, and focus.

*What causes the skull to lock up?

“Trauma to the head or tailbone affects the entire central nervous system (CNS--brain and spinal cord). Sudden impacts such as falling on your tailbone or hitting your head results in a shock like wave of pressure that travels through the cerebro spinal fluid to the skull and can lock up any of the small joints of the face and the large joints of the skull. Sudden impacts cause concussions. Being hit on the head during a fight or being in a car accident causes compression to the skull. It also breaks blood vessels. The broken blood vessels cause inflammation which results in scar tissue. Scar tissue contracts over a period of weeks to years and slows down the flow of the CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid). The cerebro-spinal fluid is made in the brain and is pumped down to the tailbone every time you breathe. When the CSF hits the scar tissue, the CSF has to go over, under, or around the scar tissue. The nerves just the other side of the scar tissue begins to dry out. When nerves dry out the transmission of the nerve impulse begins to slow down. If the nerve goes to the pancreas, then diabetes results. If the nerve goes to the stomach, then stomach ulcers begin to develop.

*Are injuries to the head the only thing that slows down the flow of the cerebro spinal fluid?

Viruses can do the same thing as trauma. A virus can settle in the fluid that surrounds the spine and irritate the meninges. This is where the term spinal meningitis comes from. The meninges is like saran wrap. It is very thin but very tough. There are three layers of meninges that surround the brain and spinal cord. The virus causes irritation to the meninges. This causes swelling. When the meninges swell enough to touch, then they stick together like flypaper. This causes adhesions. Adhesions is just another name for scar tissue. Scar tissue will contract over time. This is what happens with polio. This is what causes post-polio syndrome. It can happen twenty to forty years after the initial episode of the virus. The same thing happens when we get exposed to chicken pox. The virus hibernates in the cerebro-spinal fluid forever. Any new trauma to the spine can release the hibernating virus which then becomes an active case of the shingles!”

*How does this cause headaches?

“The brain has a left and a right side. When the CSF does not flow evenly, the pressure begins to back up on one side of the brain. This uneven pressure of the CSF affects the flow of blood in the brain. Then the brain does not get enough oxygen or glucose. Any of these things such as not enough oxygen, not enough glucose, or too much pressure in the brain will cause headaches.

Neuro ­Cranial Restructuring unlocks the joints of the skull plates and allows them to shift just like the tectonic plates of the earth during an earthquake. Then the cerebro-spinal fluid begins to flow normally and headaches disappear!”

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