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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why We Don't Need Vaccines with Dr. Joel Wallach

We have been supporting Dr Wallach 2 years now.

This is the main product that is being promoted with the focus on the 90 essential nutrients. Great product. My hubby and I take this too.

CLASSIC 90 PAK Item #: 10215 Our convenient Classic 90™ Pak delivers all of the “Essential 90” nutrients that Dr. Wallach recommends for good health.* Each pack contains ultimate classic - 32 oz (1) and Ultimate™ EFA™ - 180 capsules
- Retail Price: $117.43
To get the whole sale join with a $10 one time as a distributor.
- Wholesale Price $82.20

Yes indeed, Dr Wallach is awesome with his research and discoveries.

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