Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Friday, May 31, 2013

Picture Effects and Photos

It's that time again, when I am totally bored, and I start playing with the pictures and adding weird effects such as rainbows, stars, suntan effects, cartoonish effects, etc...

The look on my face!   Bahahaha!

The original pic cropped.  That damn look on my face is hilarious!

That's Alena and I

Aria and Alena.

Aaron and Alena

Kristen being a wild child!   No pic effect needed on this one!

A comic book effect.

Suntan anyone?   It's only a picture effect. 
My skin  has no pigment, so I would never get this color in real life.
I wish though!

It would be really cool, if my eyes really were this color!

Robert doing Zumba at the Zumbathon.  No effect, as it's colorful enough!

OMG!   Yellow hair!   Eeeeekkkk!

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