Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Vaccination-Liberation] Oregon Update -- really bad from what I see here

Oregon is going in the way of Washington State and California, requiring a doctor's signature for a RELIGIOUS exemption!   A doctor's signature used to mean MEDICAL exemption.  Now they are requiring a damn note from a mainstream MD, and the parents HAVE TO PAY THE DOCTOR to get an exemption.   We were in WA State recently, and talked to a young mother that complained that she has to pay $170 to go to a damn Medical Diety just to get an exemption one of her sons.  And that's money that she said she didn't have. 

Folks, take your kids of of the public indoctrination centers now, or else your children will be forced injected and medicated out the wazoo!   WAKE the hell up already!

From Ingri....

Ever since Cindy posted a note about Oregon, I have been frantically following Senate Bill 132. Well the Senate moved S 132 to the Rules Committee and that committee passed it today with a 3 to 2 vote. It seemed fairly unusual to me to see only 5 members on this committee. Anyway, I wanted to see some history and looked at how the bill was successfully amended on April 18. You can read the amended version here - and here

Anyhow, this is effective immediately, like this is an emergency - and yet there are no epidemics that they have created to justify this emergency!

Sure hope they have a strong home schooling advocacy association in Oregon. With Common Core Standards and the other crap they are teaching our children. it is PAST time to pull your children OUT of public schools. I just talked to my 8 y.o. granddaughter last night and she was describing how they are teaching multiplication - really screwy and 'dumbed down'. She is so bored and wants to be homeschooled :-(

This is so, so serious - BOTH the content of the curriculum in public schools and the tyranny of forced injections, or get a doctor's note. Only CDC approved vaccine educational module. And, like in Australia, there is no guarantee that the physician giving the vaccine indoctrination module will sign your document, especially if they are under pressure to make sure the indoctrination "sticks". So sick.

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