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Candida Summit

Monday, May 27, 2013

Lara Starr Rant on Bill Gates and Others

I just had a little rant on the Mind Unleashed. Figured I'd share it here too :)

Amazing how many people are getting angry about this post. For the record, we're not attacking Bill Gates. All we're doing is passing on FACTUAL information. I hope you research what we tell you rather than just brushing it off as mere nonsense, but as always, what you do with this information is up to you.

If some of you got upset just because we're telling people about his Monsanto connection, I wonder how upset you're going to be when you read what else I have to say LOL.

I have been researching the Illuminati for over a decade. I haven't just researched the organization itself, I have researched almost all the major people in their organization. Bill Gates is one of the people I have heavily researched. Yes, he does donate lots of money to organizations that claim to be aiding people in 3rd world countries. What they don't tell you, is that money is mostly being spent on buying up all our old, unused (sometimes even outdated) vaccines from pharmaceutical companies. All of which are loaded with things like mercury and formaldehyde. People in poor countries don't need more vaccines. A large majority of them get even more shots than most Americans do annually. What they need is REAL, NUTRITIONAL FOOD and FRESH, CLEAN WATER. Dirty water and malnutrition kill far more people in poor countries than anything else. (Here's another random fact- 3rd most common way to die in 3rd world countries is due to War. Two guesses what kind of laptop computers our military use at our 800+ bases worldwide. Microsoft! Taxpayer funded of course) Bill Gates never buys food, and he never helps people by proving things like LifeStraw for clean water. Much smaller non-profit organizations try to provide food and water free of charge to thousands of people annually. They could be providing it to MILLIONS of people if they had help from billionaires like Bill Gates. Hell, Bill Gates is so rich, he could ERADICATE HUNGER WORLDWIDE if he wanted to. Instead, he and his corporate minions are pumping people full of vaccines. WHY? Because the CEOs of these elitist run corporations don't mind buying these people cheap vaccines, but they do mind providing them with the things they REALLY need to flourish. If the people in poorer countries were able to thrive, they wouldn't have cheap slave labor, they wouldn't have cheaper access to the Earths natural resources, and they wouldn't be able to control their population in any way.

Oh, and if you think Microsoft is a big gift for humanity developed by Bill Gates, you need to research more about him. He's basically a modern day Thomas Edison. He steals peoples ideas and puts his name on the patents. A whole TEAM of people developed the programming Microsoft sells. It was not Bill Gates. He's merely the one that got credit for it. He may be a genius, but the only thing his genius was used for was for slipping crap like spying software into all Microsoft's products. Thanks to him, they can monitor over a BILLION computers, and all they need to get data from each one, is for them to be turned on, with a semi-decent wifi signal nearby. Even Xbox is part of their civilian spying program. They tricked MILLIONS of people into buying Govt/Corporate controlled cameras for their own living rooms. They even mentioned in the 12 page Xbox Live terms and conditions contact that they can turn on the cameras any time they want, and they can even report what they see to '3rd parties'. They don't even have to hide what they're doing because they know most people don't bother to read the fine print.

Bill Gates is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing, and the people who don't bother to pay attention haven't a clue what type of person he is. I'm sorry if we offended people with this post, but if you don't like us being open and honest about things that are EASY TO PROVE WITH A LITTLE RESEARCH, then you're on the wrong page.

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