Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Declaration to Supermarkets and Food Outlets

Here is a copy of a rough draft composed by The CON Trail in New Zealand for those who wish to give such a form to local food markets and suppliers. Please revise and personalize with your own views.


Declaration to supermarkets and food outlets

... and mandate to self to abide by these convictions:

I will not buy

Any products containing GMO ingredients – soy, maize, cotton seed, vegetable (Canola) oils, raising ingredients, etc.

Any animal products produced by cruel farming practises – caged eggs, crated pork, etc.

Any animal products produced by using growth hormones, antibiotics, toxic pesticides or dips, etc.

Any animal products prepared using toxic preservatives or dipped in bleach

Any animal that has been genetically engineered or "farmed", such as salmon, etc.

Any product that has toxic preservatives added – nitrates, 220, 223 etc., or any chemical enhancement: MSG, etc.

Any product that has artificial colors added

Any food product from China

Any food product that has been irradiated

Any supermarket bakery item, as they are baked with a premix flour containing soy and other possible GMO ingredients

Any food or drink containing Aspartame or corn syrup as a sweetener

I will not support - any company owned or associated with Monsanto:

Aunt Jemima (Quaker), Betty Crocker (General Mills), Hungry Jack, Campbells, Kraft/Phillip Morris (post cereals), Hershey’s,

Nestle (Carnation), Kellogs, Nature Valley, Nabisco (Phillip Morris), Pillsbur, Heinz, Hellmans, Hunts, Frito-lay/Pepsi, delicious brand cookies, Famous Amos, Healthy Choice (ConAgra), Kid Cuisine (stouffers), Lean Cuisine (stouffers)

Lipton (Unilever), Uncle Ben’s, Pringles (Procter and Gamble, Coca Cola, Minute Made, Pepsi, Cadbury/Sweppes, Capri-sun, Cool-aid, Ocean Spray, V-8, Prego Pasta Sauce, Ragu sauce. Plus any weed control brands e.g. Roundup, Zero etc., seed companies or traits and technology companies such as Acceleron, to name only a few.

I will buy

organic products

non GMO products

animal products that have been farmed using humane farming practices

animal products prepared without harmful preservatives, bleaches and chemicals

animal products reared without harmful pesticides and chemicals

cleaning products that do not contain chemicals that harm the environment or my family

personal care products that do not contain chemicals that are harmful to me or my family

I will Support local farmers and food producers that use safe and humane farming practices.

I will also support any overseas company that does the same.

Note: I represent a growing number of people who struggle with shopping, trying to find real food and safe products amongst isles of concoctions posing as food and products dangerous to use. We read all labels and avoid as much processed and chemically laden food as possible.   

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