Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Parents Do NOT Need A Pediatrician

Many parents believe they need a pediatrician. Why?

A majority of pediatricians are over-glorified "Vaccine Salesmen." Think about this. "Well baby visits" are nothing more than an opportunity to upsell you antibiotics, antipyretics, and vaccines.

Outside of prescribing these categories of medications, do you know how to use a tape measure and scale on your baby? I'm pretty sure you do.

If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, do you visit the ER, Urgent Care, or your pediatrician?    

We get emails on a regular basis, or read online posts on forums, blogs, Vac Lib group, etc.... about how parents are upset because their Ped has refused to see their children if they don't vaccinate.  Parents are so frantic over this. 

When I get an email from a frantic parent, I'm like, "REALLY?  Good!  Do you not see the blessing in that?"  I'm not being a smart ass.  It really is a blessing, because when a Ped fires a parent, he or she is doing that child a favor.    

There is NO LAW anywhere that I have seen that requires babies and children to have well baby visits.  

New parents are so mind controlled, and thinking that they HAVE to use a Pediatrician.  They have no idea that they are free to choose an alternative practitioner such as a naturopath/homeopath and/or a chiropactor.  

We had a public Vac Lib meeting a few months ago, and when it was my turn to use the microphone, I got up and stated as such.  I told them that children do NOT have to go to regular doctor visits, and they are free to choose the alternative practitioners for their family care.  I told them to to spread the word and tell all parents.   It was like a light came on, when I informed them that they actually have a choice in the matter.    

The same suggestion is given on online blogs and posts in the comments section.  People are so scared that their Ped or doctor is going to report them to CPS if they don't succumb to the vaccine pitch. 

I simply tell them that this ongoing insanity is EASY to solve.  Yes!  You heard me right.  It's THAT EASY.  If EVERYONE would get the message that it's not a requirement for well-baby visits, this insanity will end almost overnight.  If a parent has an appointment, they can either cancel it, or say that they are going to another doctor becase it is cheaper, or whatever reason they want to give.    

Also having a home birth with a midwife and not signing a birth certificate will guarantee that your child will be out of the system, and not be entered to a vaccine registry database.  The registries are not an opt in, but rather an opt out, and good luck with that one.  Also parents need to skip having a marriage license as well.   I posted this a few posts back, but read it again and let the information sink in.  


Colorado children are added to the immunization tracking system via the electronic birth certificate.

If they don't get you at birth, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, schools and physicians can upload your information.

The sooner we all quit supporting mainstream medical, the sooner this medical system will fail.  Do you see it yet?  A massive boycott of these drug pushing pediatricians will end this ongoing tragedy that quick.  We still have the the power to vote with our pocketbooks.    

To to all you new parents:   Quit being so mind controlled already, and do your research.  WAKE UP!  It's not that hard.  Seriously. 

Opt for the better choice and let's give the business to the alternative practitioners for a change.   These dope pushing MD's will eventually get the message. 

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