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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Toxic Air Fresheners - The Scent of Danger in the Air

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Harmful Effects of Air Fresheners :


Methoxychlor- Pesticides that accumulates in fat cells

Paradichchlorobenzene- Shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals

Phenol (carbolic acid) - Flammable, corrosive and very toxic

Formaldehyde- Admitted by the EPA to be a cause of cancer

Benzene- Carcinogen recommended by WHO to have ZERO EXPOSURE

Phthalates- Hormone disrupting chemicals, can cause birth defects or reproductive harm

1,4 -DCB - Harmful to the lungs (reduces pulmonary function) being a serious hazard to those with asthma

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) - known allergen

Xylene- Linked to nausea and sick building syndrome, as well as liver and kidney damage.

Need a study to confirm your suspicions? Try this one Acute Toxic Effects of Fragrance Products:

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List of Carcinogens:

We use the  Young Living Essential Oils diffused in water, in our Rainbow Vac, and also put on tissue paper and put soaked tisses in the trash cans, and hidden in places to freshen up the whole place naturally.

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