Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Then and Now

2013...  A bit much, don't ya think?

And as each generation is born, there is more and more damage, and nowadays, children and adults are the sickest than ever before.  To see a normal child, is a rare sight indeed.

If this insanity keeps up, humanity will not stand a chance.  

Remember, health does NOT come through a needle.


Stay away from vaccine pushing doctors (pediatrictians) and opt for a naturopath, homeopath, and/or chiropractor.

Homeschool.  No excuses!  If you care about your child's/childrens' well being, you can make it work.  Parents can have alternating work schedules, so someone is always home with the children.

Have your babies at home with a midwife, and avoid hospital births.

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Educate yourself, and get your exemptions while you still can.

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MessiahMews said...

Many parents believe they need a pediatrician. Why?

A majority of pediatricians are over-glorified "Vaccine Salesmen." Think about this. "Well baby visits" are nothing more than an opportunity to upsell you antibiotics, antipyretics, and vaccines.

Outside of prescribing these categories of medications, do you know how to use a tape measure and scale on your baby? I'm pretty sure you do.

If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, do you visit the ER, Urgent Care, or your pediatrician?