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Saturday, June 22, 2013

[Vaccination-Liberation] Oregon Mother on the insanity of New Oregon Legislation

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from Erin Taplin, posted on Facebook:

omg! This momma ROCKS!!! Huge advocate for our kids health. Read what she commented regarding the SB132 bill. I want to scream this from the roof tops!! and of course to our legislators :

Kendra Pettengill  "Here are some things I have said to legislators in emails……

Are you kidding me? You claim to care about children’s health and you still cannot pass a law that children with autism should have insurance coverage? But educated parents refusing some or all vaccines is a public health emergency calling for drastic action that actually tramples on the Oregon constitution and religious freedom.

1 in 50 children now have autism. Over 9,000 CHILDREN in Oregon now have autism. 1 in 50 children that will not get a job or go to college or join the military or get married but instead will require care and assistance for the rest of their lives. But this is not a public health crisis or an emergency, but measles and whooping cough vaccines, well there you have it….an emergency. 1 in 50 will soon be signing up for Social Security and Medicare for life and that is not an emergency. There is nowhere for them to go and this is not an emergency. 20 years ago Oregon had 6 children with Autism, now we have over 9,000 and thousands of us parents say our children were normal, walking, talking, interacting, learning, and then they got a boatload of vaccines in a single day and reacted and were never the same, they never recovered, never regained those skills and eventually some expert told us that this conglomeration of symptoms, caused by the vaccines is being called Autism. Their immune systems are shattered their guts in dysfunction but there is no health care for them, they are left to live in pain and agony as if that is part of autism. But refusing to vaccinate this child any further is a public health crisis to you but their treatment is not, preparing for their futures is not a crisis.

These are some sick F$@!ers that have their priorities completely back asswards. They talk about guarding children’s’ health while it falls apart around them and they can’t see to stop doing the same damn thing over and over again. The definition of insanity by the way; doing the same thing and expecting different results. Immune system diseases in our children are skyrocketing at more than 15% per year according to the CDC. That includes insulin dependent diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, life-threatening food allergies, serious asthma, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Sprue, and of course Cancer. If anyone is still stupid enough to think that measles or whooping cough vaccines are even a public concern while ignoring this crisis, well you must be on the payroll of big pharma. This is the true definition of insanity. We have the sickest generation of children ever, 1 in 3 with a lifelong illness or disorder that requires medications and these loons think self-educated parents are endangering public health. When in fact self-educating parents may be the only ones that save our nation from complete and utter disaster.

20 million children in the U.S. are being drugged with psych drugs, not because of a conclusive medical test but for one or more of the following behaviors…..”fidgeting”, “talking back”, “excessive climbing and running”, “not paying attention”. Normal childhood behaviors, especially for boys has now been deemed an illness, somehow caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain which apparently is interpreted by a shortage of Ritalin or Risperdal. So in children as young as Toddlers they are drugging them for such mild behaviors with drugs that can cause the following…..Mania, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, hallucinations, suicide, homicidal ideation, violence, aggression, anger, self-harm, delusions, amnesia, coma, heart damage and death. Where is the emergency action to discuss this travesty against our children….nope but decide not to give your kid a shot against the harmless Chicken pox, a vaccine that was added to the schedule not because it was dangerous but because “Mom’s miss work” and that is a public health emergency. These whackjobs are something else. A bunch of ill-informed do-gooders that are clueless about the reality the rest of us are living in. There is a special place in hell for these people that will ignore the cries of children and parents for their own glory and aggrandizement.

If you haven’t written to a legislator lately, I think it is time. Tell them we are already lawyering up and the governor hasn’t even signed the bill yet. Class Action law firms are chomping at the bit to take on the State of Oregon. Tell them we have no intention of listening to the propaganda spiel from the same physicians that blindly vaccinating our children with a one size fits all approach without once looking at our children as individuals with family immune system issues and previous vaccine reactions. Ask them if we should get the form signed by the same pediatrician that told us our children were a necessary sacrifice in the war on disease, or the pediatrician that said, “since we don’t know which one of the 7 vaccines your child received in a single day that caused the acute reaction, we could try one at a time from here on out and SEE WHAT HAPPENS! Yep, to keep that cash flowing into their office, they are willing to play Vaccine Russian Roulette with a child’s life, a child that has already reacted and been damaged by vaccines. So when you child is dead they can say, “well at least we know now which one was the problem”. Is that the pediatrician you recommend I listen to before deciding not to give my child any more vaccines?

Tell them you have friends that read 10 packages of bike helmets before picking both the most attractive and safest bike helmet they can find but have never once read the vaccine package inserts for substances being injected into their babies bodies. They blindly follow their pediatricians recommendation even if they are in the emergency room and their child is sick or injured and could be in shock. Who is going to educate and sign a form for these morons. I was one of them once and I paid the ultimate price for such ignorance. Non-vaccinating parents either have sincere religious beliefs, or they are so educated about vaccines, about the CDC, about the ingredients, about the odds for a serious reactions listed in the inserts which are much much higher than the 1 in a million we always hear spouted that their vast amount of knowledge would blow you away. Non-vaccinating parents have actually read the studies claiming there is no connection between vaccines and autism and we have seen how they twisted the numbers to make it go away. Non-vaccinating parents have read the VAERS reports that show a child dying within 24 hours of 7 vaccines and they see it being called SIDS, you know the diagnosis for when there is no other probable or plausible explanation for the death.

You tell them that vaccination rates in Oregon are abysmal because of eye-witnesses to the crimes against our children. Our families, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles, our family friends, church members, co-workers all saw what happened to our children and then they have witnessed the aftermath. The aftermath where our children are denied that they even exist, then they are denied medical care for obvious serious medical problems because admitting to those problems is a political hot potato so innocent children are left to suffer in physical pain. Then these hundreds of people witness us losing our insurance. They witness the state of Oregon as the worst state in the U.S. to have a child with Autism because there is nothing here for any of them unless you are stinking rich. They watch us sell our homes, cash out our retirement accounts because our legislature is so concerned about children’s health they cannot even insure our children are covered. Then hundreds of eye-witnesses watched the tsunami of autistic and sickly children descend on our schools which are over-whelmed and being crushed by the demands and financial burdens of so many sick and damaged children. They watch us have to fight and even go to court to secure the most basic and simple educational requirements for our children, we have to fight for the minimum requirements of a Fair and Appropriate Public Education. Then they watch around us as autistic children elope and drown, are killed by their care takers and abused by school staff even in front of cameras. They watch as we suffer the indignities of our children being written off as lost causes and disposable members of society. They watch us cry as Autism Speaks Lights it up Blue for autism awareness but helps no one that really needs it. Autism has joined cancer and diabetes and all the other diseases for which there will be no cure and we will be walking around tracks for decades because stopping the epidemic and actually listening to the parents of damaged children will hurt the bottom line, profits. Hundreds of people watched, were witnesses to what happened to our children and the horrible horrible aftermath that continues today. And you want them to step up and offer up their children on the sacrificial alter of herd immunity. They see that if they vaccinate and their child is one of the unfortunate few to be damaged or die, there is nothing for them. There is no thank you for sacrificing your child to the herd, there is no assistance, no therapies, no insurance, no education, no government programs and no future plans. In fact, if you even file a claim that your child was damaged by vaccines and even if your doctor supports you in that, you must file in a federal vaccine court again federal lawyers with the Department of Justice, with Federal Masters that decide your case and federal expert witnesses that are paid to testify that not only was your child not damaged by vaccines but actually you are a bad parent. That perhaps the seizures and fever that started right after vaccinations the encephalopathy and brain swelling, back arching and screaming well, perhaps you did not act quickly enough despite the fact you called your doctor and he told you that was “normal”. You can spend 10 years in that federal vaccine court, reliving the worst day of your entire life and still no guarantee that you will win. They don’t have to prove your child was NOT damaged by the vaccines, but you have to prove they were. You must have impeccable medical records, you must have dotted every I and crossed every T. But you are allowed no expert witnesses as the vaccine court has deemed anyone that can believe a vaccine can cause damage to a baby as an “unreliable witness” and their testimony is given little to no weight. For every autistic child in Oregon there are hundreds of witnesses to what happened to them and the horrendous aftermath. Our kids get put in rubber rooms and taken down in choke holds at schools they are beaten and arrested by cops who don’t understand autism, they are tazered and killed. And you want to tell parents they do not have the choice to say, “I WANT NO PART OF THAT” without listening to a lecture from the very people willing to plunge 9 vaccines into a baby in a single day and then deny their predictable reaction had anything to do with it. Because while not a single expert will deny that vaccines have risks and bad outcomes, when there are bad outcomes they are denied 100% of the time as related to vaccines.

Write to your legislators, send one tidbit at a time so they don’t disregard the whole thing as too long and they don’t have the time to read the novel you sent. Wake them up with one revelation at a time, the undeniable facts. The Verstraeten report, the Danish Study, Thorsen, and how they were obviously tampered with to change the outcome. Tell them about Hannah Poling and how the CDC said the vaccines caused an encephalopathy that caused autistic like symptoms, but refused to tell the public that she was diagnosed with Autism…..just like your child or mine. Tell them how Julie Gerberding stood on the step of the CDC and told the world that Hannah was an anomaly and not a precedent because she had a mitochondrial disorder. Then tell them how the CDC was making secret phone calls at the same time asking mitochondrial experts how common were Mitchondrial disorders? And that the experts told the CDC that mitochondrial disorders were approximately 1 in 50, the exact same number we are now told is the prevalence of Autism. Tell them your story and the hundreds of others you know.

And then remind them that they passed a law knowing that it was unconstitutional and we have no intention of standing by while they trample on our rights, on our constitution, no matter how “in” it is right now to do that. That we have sacrificed children for the herd and never will again. Be sure to tell them that they are hypocrites and this is one battle they are going to lose."

Well said Kendra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath

Vaccination Information & Choice Network, USA

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