Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why FCR is the most powerful structural & neurological correction.

FCR (by Dr John Lieurance, DC), NCR (by Dr. Dean Howell and Endonasal Cranial Correction by ABC™ aka Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (by Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz) all involve the insertion of endonasal balloons which change the cranial structure.

Neurocranial Restructuring
Today there are hundreds of BNS and NCR practitioners. BNS has been around much longer than NCR and not every doctor can afford to pay $7000 (2012 estimates) for training and $10,000 in annual fees simply to be trained and certified as an NCR practitioner. I'm not 100% sure it's still $10,000 for an annual fee in 2012 but this is what my NCR doctor told me. Inevitably, some doctors create their own NCR spinoffs – Dr. John Lieurance for example practices Functional Cranial Release (fCR) which he calls “the next logical evolution of NCR.” Dr. Howell called the new therapy "NCR" and patented it.

Dr. Howell himself charges about $1000 for a 4-day series. After Dr. Howell popularized the technique to some extent, many spinoffs and variations on the technique have been created.

Functional Cranial Release
A doctor out of Florida practices FCR (functional cranial release) which is his own version of the technique. He has added some advanced techniques in diagnosing and monitoring patients. He charges about $1200 for a 4 day series.

Whole article here:

Dr. John Lieurance, DC (in Florida)

NCR (Neurocranial Restructuring:

EndoNasal Cranial Correction by ABC™:

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™):

Dr. Ben Eversage recommends ABC along with NCR. He's a NCR doctor from Maine.

Re: Advanced Biostructural Correction on your Links page...
From: Ben Eversage
To: services4health
Date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 8:14 pm

Here it is my friend - you will find a list of practitioners there as well.

Let me review why I feel all three are a great combination:

1. NCR unlocks the cranium, corrects head shape, re-establishes CSF flow and proper brain functioning
2. ABC breaks up meningeal adhesions and corrects anterior vertebra thereby unwind the spine and correcting postural misalignment
3. Alphabiotics is a miracle and switches the brain on to the alpha brain wave state bringing positivity, joy and blissful functioning

I might add that Dr. John Lieurance of FCR also does platlet rich plasma for stem cells to regnerate joints and for prolotherapy. Never consider joint or hip replacement surgeries until you check this out...

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Glutathione User said...

Hey everyone, I just found this site and wanted to thank you for posting the information on FCR. It's important to understand the Functional Neurology component to FCR. Most of our patients are on the Chronic Neurological side of things. We are using neuroplasticity to rewire the brain along with the endonasal work to greatness improve the oxygen distribution to the central nervous system. Keep in mind the actual endo-nasal inflation does activate the brain as well which can create positive changes to heal brains that are stuck in a negative pattern. Please email me any questions at Believe in your ability to heal...I do! Dr. John :)