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Friday, July 5, 2013

Newborn Assaulted While Still Attached to Umbilical Cord

A few days ago, I posted a post about the dangers of the Vitamin K shot as well as the Hep B vaccine.

My child's vaccine reaction

Hi, I wanted to share our story.

This is my son Bay, after a pretty straight forward pregnancy and a beautiful, peaceful, natural birth.

My beautiful, perfect son was born at 37 weeks weighing 8lb 1oz. While still attached to the placenta he was given a hep b and vit k shot, both within the first hour of his life. Within minutes he was blue, in respiratory distress, so swollen his arm and leg ...bands had to be cut off (you can see around his wrist in this photo). He was rushed off to a tiny room in the small hospital that I birthed in while doctors worked for hours to stabilise him. He had a team fly up from a bigger city to pick him up and fly him back to their NICU. He was on cpap and was nil by mouth for the first week of his life. The diagnosis we were given was "pneumonia"..... Im not convinced.

After we got him home he was just miserable. He had colic, reflux and so many troubles with breastfeeding. No one could settle him and he screamed like I've never heard a baby scream, for at least 23 hours a day. He has been the most unsettled, miserable baby till sometime after 18 months.

He is almost two now and just started to act like a normal baby again. I’m so upset that I allowed such crap to be injected into my perfect baby. I'll never get that time back. I just wish more parents were aware of the dangers of vaccination.

Tarnya McNair

Can these evil devils just drop dead already?

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