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Thursday, January 9, 2014


The internet is borked!  EVERYTHING on the internet sucks.  I used to love the internet back in the early days.  And Windows 3.1 was a decent operating system.

NOT anymore!

A CONSTANT Blogger error...

An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Dismiss

But it's not only this, it's EVERYTHING about the internet.  NOTHING works properly.  NOT a damn thing.  Sometimes it's shitty computer software and other times it's shitty websites and HTML/coding inconsistencies.

Internet Explorer has always been a piece of shit, but now it's worse than shit ever thought about being.  Like viewing blogs in I.E.  Especially any Blogger blog, which is another cloud file service, so no surprise there.  I.E. and its TROLL compatibility view BS.

Firefox used to be good, but not anymore.  It's this never ending unresponding Java Script.  Firefox won't even get to Blogger without hanging or crashing!   And while Google Chrome works better, it still has the side bar ads and links are jumping up and down real fast, like it's on Crack.  I detest Java Script.  Now just about every site uses excess Java Script and excess Flash. Java Script is totally Evil! We are being scripted and flashed to death here!  Give us a break already people!  Clean up your shit sites!

And also YouTube already sucks anymore...

Youtube videos randomly stop playing, or don't play at all ...!topic/youtube/ApR7zN1freI

And I know it’s not just I, because a quick Google search yields tons of other people running different software on different machines encountering the same problem. So, if you’re going to reply to this forum saying, “Update your software. Blame your slow ISP. Et cetera,” don’t.

And this has been going on for MONTHS!

And it's ALWAYS blame OUR computers, Update this, change that browser, add a Peeni, or whatever the fuck installation they can come up with... How about "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?"  But I guarantee that they'll fix it until it IS broke, and that you can count on.  Sometimes our computers are to blame, but most of the time, it's THEIR faulty shit websites and services.

And how about every other time I want to watch a YouTube video and I get nagged to damn death over name change.  And you can't just hit "I don't want to change my name" and expect it to go away for good.

And it's mostly YouTube, Google Services, and Yahoo services.  The mainstream CLOUD FILE services with all this shit.

Even other things, ad sites, our worksites are screwed...

Clickworker login doesn't work the first time, but does after a second attempt, and that is ALWAYS!

Virus protection is fucked up usually.  What's the sense in having it, if it's defunct?
Button is there when I start out, but hover the mouse and it will disappear!

Button disappeared!

And some page displays are all borked to the umpth degree!

I mean who the hell can even read this shit page?  Seriously?  Are all webmasters now on crack?

And let's say you want to view something or see a document, download a Free offer of a file, etc...  Can't even do that, because you MUST submit your email first, to be put in their mailing list before they'll let you see something, or download that document you want to view.  DATA MINING!

And let's not get me started on what a piece of shit software/operating system Windows 7 is.  All it really is, is a half assed souped up version of Windows Shit Vista!  I always thought XP was the anti-christ, but Windows 7 (& probably 8 too!) is the devil himself!

And how about those sticky keys?  Trouble typing?  You bet!!  And I'm not the only one!


Sticky keys are not turned on.  I checked.

I did the cntrl+shift+* (the star key or digit 8) which only worked temporarily, and now the problem is back.

And Windows Media Player is so fucked four ways from Sunday now.  It automatically puts a folder.jpg into your music folders, of what IT wants to put in there, even if you put a perfect jpg version of what you want displayed, it will override and some files are displaying wrong art.

And the worst is a shit internet connection.  Pay $70 a month for a service that don't work most of the time.  Always dropping connection, speed being throttled.  What they are doing is limiting people who want to live in the country and away from the city, is give them shit services for high prices.  They say, if one wants good service, move to the city where cable and DSL is available,  but is never available in the country.  It's TPTB way of attempting to force ALL into the cities.  God forbid if one wants to live in the country.  They'll punish you for it, and make everything as inconvenient as hell.

If didn't have constant work to do online, I wouldn't bother with the internet.  I'm on it for work and staying in touch with family and friends, because NONE of them call.  Ever.

This is not all that I've encountered, but some of it.  You get the gist of the problems the internet now has.  And it's not just us.  It's everywhere and LOTS of people are having the same problems.

The "Spirit of Excellence" has left the building.

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